Monday, August 21, 2017

...Same as the old boss

Trump Will Wallow In Afghanistan

First of all let me start off with, Fuck Afghanistan. And secondly, I'd give Trump a D- on reading somebody's poorly written speech.  And oh yeah, we're going to continue to babysit the Afghans.  After all, they're barely 16.

And thirdly let me add to that; Fuck Afghanistan.

No one can accuse me of not being consistent on Afghanistan. I've been wanting to leave that fucking hellhole since the very day we killed Osama bin Laden and I never let up on Obama and his refusal to withdraw our troops. I have 348 posts on this blog that contain the word 'Afghanistan'. I didn't just form this fucking opinion.

We won't accomplish anything in Afghanistan. The Afghans play us like puppets and our military leaders fall for that shit over and over. Trump is just another sucker who couldn't make the right decision. Sad.

And let me add before closing; Fuck Afghanistan.