Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Really wingnuts, how hard is this?

I'm watching John Kerry being interviewed by the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and the little Cuban wetback boy, Marco Rubio and a couple of other wingnut Chickenhawks just can't understand why we will not send ground troops to Iraq and Syria.

I know having a Commander-in-Chief that actually cares about our troops more than being seen as a 'war president' is a hard concept for wingnuts, but get used to it. At least for two more years.

You see Chickenhawks; ISIL has invaded Syria and Iraq and are killing almost entirely other Muslims. How the fuck is that threat to me? ISIL is not coming here. They wouldn't last 10 minutes. If Muslims can't fight their own battles, great, that's more oxygen for me. I don't want to sacrifice another 5,000 Americans and a couple of trillion dollars again for cowards who hate us anyway. And I'm damn glad we now have a President who feels the same.

When even Bill O'Reilly calls out Fox

You know Fox News has lost the argument when Bill O'Reilly won't lie and gloss it over. Their big, new 'bombshell' Benghazi story comes from a 'new' source who did not witness any actual wrong-doing but said he, "couldn't help but wonder" that just maybe there could have been some. Not to mention, that new source, Raymond Maxwell, was extensively interviewed by the House Oversight Committee and didn't say a single word about a possible cover-up.

If they lose O'Reilly, the sheep may stray.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

There's your hope and change

Judges appointed by Dems now hold majority of seats on U.S. Courts of Appeals...

WASHINGTON — Democrats have reversed the partisan imbalance on the federal appeals courts that long favored conservatives, a little-noticed shift with far-reaching consequences for the law and President Obama’s legacy.
Excellent news. Now we have to get rid of Scalia and Thomas.

James Baker sets the record straight

Former Secretary of State, James Baker, said on MTP this morning that all the people who have asked him over the years why they didn't take out Saddam Hussein back in 1991, now know why. Yeah...I know what you mean.

Poor Little Lindsey

I think Lindsey Graham is going to have a mental breakdown. On FNS this morning, Jack Reed, Senator from Rhode Island - and a veteran - insisted that ground troops in Iraq and Syria be Muslims, and Little Lindsey almost blew a gasket. What Little Lindsey wants is our troops to once again sacrifice their lives for something the Muslims won't do.

Fuck you Lindsey.

What the hell, it makes great TV

61% want to bomb Syria and Iraq
68% don't think it will work

Common man translation; Let's go over there and incinerate those bastards but we know we can't kill them all and we will probably have to do it again in a couple of years.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fuck you then die

UPDATE: Free Syrian Army Reportedly Rejects U.S. Unless Assad Goes Too...

Those fucking punks think they can dictate to us how things are going to be? I say let ISIL finish them off and then we will exterminate what's left. ...Obama really has to re-think this bullshit. Those scumbags aren't worth defending.

Like a cheap tent

John McCain Votes To Preserve A Supreme Court Case He Called The 'Worst Decision Ever'

'Citizens United' is the second worst Supreme Court ruling in my lifetime. John McCain and a whole lot of Republicans know that but they would rather be partisan punks than do what's right. That sad, angry bastard doesn't have an ounce of integrity left. Damn we're lucky.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hold those cruise missiles

REPORTS: ISIS Strikes Deal With Moderate Syrian Rebels

Maybe we should hold off on the bombings and just let those crazy motherfuckers finish each other off. Or we can bomb ISIL and assist Assad.

Oh...I think I peed my pants a little

White House contradicts Kerry,
says US 'at war' with Islamic State

Here we go again; one of them said 'war' and the other one didn't. The poor little chickenshit teabaggers are once again so scared and confused... Wah..wah. ...Shut up. Get out of the way. Let the men handle this.

You can always change trailer parks...

"Palin family involved in heated Saturday night brawl"

...But it's really hard to get rid of that smell.

“As people were leaving in a cab, Track was seen on the street, shirtless, flipping people off, with Sarah right behind him, and Todd somewhere in the foreground, tending to his bloody nose.”

And that's what Teabaggers wanted as our Vice President.

Tough on the little Cuban wetback

Ted Cruz walks out
of Christian event
after being booed

Tough crowd. Man and that ugly son-of-a-bitch is obnoxious. He'd make a good nominee for wingnuts in 2016. ...If he had been born here.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Did you think she fell and hit her head?

'Ray Rice told Goodell he hit fiancee'

Everybody was so shocked to see the second video. In the first video Rice dragged her out of the elevator like a fucking caveman. What did you think happened? Goodell isn't stupid. He said he hadn't seen the second video where he hits her. He's always known what the hell happened. What's the point?

Oh my God...I see it!


Holy batshit! Could that be a sign? Is Obama the anti-Christ?  I think Drudge thinks so.

Damn, are they going to win 22 seats?

GOP SENATE 'WILL VOTE TO REPEAL' Senate Republicans can vote to repeal all they want. They currently have 45 members and it takes 67 votes to overturn a presidential veto so good luck with that, dumbasses. Republicans are all show and no fucking go.

A Bush 2.0?

I heard someone say that Obama was doing a "Bush 2.0". No, ISIL is in Syria and Iraq so as long as Obama doesn't stupidly go off and invade and occupy Egypt at the cost of a couple of trillion and 4,500 American lives, we won't have to worry about him fucking up and doing a 'Bush 2.0'. Obama can read a map.

Ol' McNasty - nobody listens anymore

John McCain Freaks Out At Jay Carney

Poor Old, McNasty. Nobody listens to him anymore because everyone who's intelligent and follows what actually happened knows that ISIS is the product of their Iraq Fiasco. Those still listening to men like him and Lindsay Graham are the problem, not the solution.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Want some fries with that?

France Says It's Ready to Participate in Iraq Airstrikes

Am I suppose to care if NOW wants Commissioner Goodell to resign?

This isn't an NFL problem. It's a Ray Rice problem. It's a problem with our society. Bankers, doctors, garbage men beat on women. Shut up. I want to watch football. Get me some nachos. Please.

He is a Republican

New Jersey's Credit Rating Has Been Cut 8 Times Since Chris Christie Took Office

"It will no longer be called Obamacare"

"Since the start of the year, Obamacare has gone from a weakness Republicans were salivating at the chance to exploit to an issue they no longer want to talk about. Two years from now, matters could be worse still."
I think someone called that.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

One of the few truthful Republicans

"A lot of people would like to stay on the sideline and say, ‘Just bomb the place and tell us about it later.’ It’s an election year. ...We like the path we're on now. We can denounce it if it goes bad, and praise it if it goes well and ask what took him so long."

At least there's one Republican out there willing to admit that they're nothing but a bunch of do-nothing, whiny little bitches who don't have a fucking clue and hate the President more than they care for our country.

John McCain's Syrian Buddies

Steven Sotloff Was Sold To ISIS By 'Moderate' Rebels

Another fine example of why we're damn lucky that John McCain and Mitt Romney got their asses kicked. If they hadn't, we'd be in Syria losing our troops to liberate their 'moderates'.

Monday, September 08, 2014

The Face of the Republican Party

Americans are dumb but not that dumb. It should tell you all you need to know when House Republicans need such a deplorable scumbag to pump them up.
Like anyone with any sense or love of our country would listen to that asshole
“If I’m looking at us giving up all of our gains in Iraq, I don’t know if I can in good conscience recommend that any American sign up for the military under this leadership,” Hannity said.

That's exactly what I told my sons who came of age during the Bush administration that as the world now knows lied us into needless war and used our men and women as fodder. Hannity doesn't know how to react to a President who thinks first and doesn't treat our military as a tool to enrich his legacy.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Why does Chris Wallace even have a Sunday talk show?
Chris Wallace had the country's most despicable Chickenhawk, Mitten Romney, on his FNS show this morning and in an attempt to do a 'I told you so' moment for Mittens, Wallace showed the clip from the debates where Obama jabbed him on his comment about the Navy. Wallace tried to make it sound as if Obama was wrong and Romney was right but no, Chrissy, the size or readiness of our Navy has no bearing whatsoever on ISIL. What an assclown.
How your entire college football season can be over after week 2

'Black Saturday' likely has eliminated Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State and entire Big Ten from title talk

Saturday, September 06, 2014

I don't think even Democrats are that gullible

Obama to delay immigration action
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Abandoning his pledge to act by the end of summer, President Barack Obama has decided to delay any executive action on immigration until after the November congressional elections. ... The move instantly infuriated immigration advocates while offering relief to some vulnerable Democrats in tough Senate re-election contests.
If Democrats don't have the balls to speak out against amnesty, vote their fucking asses out now! Same for any Republican. .. You want citizenship, get back in line.
Saturday Mix
While Teabagging Wingnuts Talk Shit...

Confirmed: Top Terror Leader Killed In U.S. Strike

...Our President keeps killing the enemy.