Saturday, February 18, 2017

I'm thinking more like six months...

About a week and a half ago I said I wasn't sure if Trump would make it a year but I'm now thinking more like four to six months.

Here we have Rex Tillerson in Germany at the G-20 Summit, Jim Mattis in Brussels, and then Mike Pence is stuck in Germany at a security meeting with the 'shit sandwich' because Flynn got canned. And where is Trump? He's in Florida for the third out of the last four weekends! And what the hell is he doing there? He's campaigning!

Being President is a real job, dumbass.  Do the job or give it to Pence!

Friday, February 17, 2017

How the whole Michael Flynn thing could have easily been avoided

FBI Director James Comey: Hello Gen. Flynn, Director Comey here. I want you to come here to our offices and testify under oath what you said to the Russian Ambassador the day after Obama set sanctions against them.

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn: Yeah well Mr. Comey, I have another idea. I want you to come over to our offices and testify under oath about all of your shady dealings over the last six months. And in case you don't quite pick up where I'm coming from I'll put it into easier to understand jargon; fuck off, I work directly for the President and I'm not answering to the FBI.  Go fuck yourself, Sir.

That would have been so easy.  And we could get the last two weeks back.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Obama didn't do shit!

Read it, remember it, and shut the fuck up!  And don't say shit like, 'our military doesn't win anymore'.  It just proves you're an ignorant Chickenhawk.

Jobs for Americans coming soon!

Undocumented Illegal immigrants made up 9 per cent of employees in the hotel and restaurant industry in 2014
Let's have a big rally and march of illegal aliens and lead them into stadiums across the nation where ICE agents will await their arrival.

Wait, I thought you got 7 chances??

Now Trump is picking on poor little drag-queens 
The alleged victim — who had previously been deported six times and arrested for stealing mail, false imprisonment, and assault — was detained and questioned after leaving the court.
You can't make this shit up. To think people and groups are actually defending this wacked-out scumbag.  We're going to have to start breaking heads...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hey, we're buddies now

"Russian spy ship is spotted just 30 miles from a Connecticut Naval base..."

Now watch Trump overplay his reaction because of the constant accusations of his fondness of the Russians. These are crazy times.

Yeah well, keep dreaming, sucker!

'Self-admitted' Gangster Tries to Pull the 'Dreamer' Card

'Brought here' at 16 years old? You're old enough to send back motherfucker. Enjoy your home country. Your buddies are right behind you.

Monday, February 13, 2017

One Shady Dude Gone

Flynn Resigns!

Boy, that didn't take long.   And I hate to say it, but Flynn was a terrible choice right from the beginning and I said so.

Come on man, she can't get any whiter!

You know, if Beyonce could only sing as well, and sell as many albums as Adele (Adele sold 20 million, Beyonce 1) she could have won 'Best Album'. But I know, if she was only a little whiter she would have sold 21 million.

Beyonce did win Best 'Urban' Album. That must be the one they listen to a lot in the hood while gang banging and burning down stores and shit.

But they should have given Beyonce all of the awards. Because I don't feel like listening to the whiny motherfuckers tell us about white privilege and shit.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mr. I, one helluva guy

Tigers, Red Wings owner and pizza titan Mike Ilitch dead at 87

Detroit will miss Mike Ilitch. So much class and loyalty. Thank you, Mr. I.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Making this America Great Again!

Emerson (Canada) (AFP) - Farhan Ahmed hoped to find refuge in the United States after fleeing death threats in Somalia, but fear over a US crackdown on immigration sent him on another perilous journey -- to Canada.
The 36-year-old was among nearly two dozen asylum seekers who braved bone-chilling cold on a February weekend to walk across the border, trudging through snow-covered prairies in the dead of night to make a claim in this country.
If Canada is dumb enough to take them, go for it. Especially those ugly goat-fucking Somalians!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Sure Bashar, we'll be right over...

Assad Says US Troops Welcome in Syria to Fight 'Terrorism'

Fucking Putin must be telling Assad he can get Trump to go soft on Syria.

Don't apologize for doing your job!

Democrats, advocates question ICE enforcement raids after hundreds of arrests

What the hell? Did the 'Democrats' and 'advocates' think Trump was kidding when he said he was going to enforce our immigration laws? ICE works for the federal government. The federal government is the sole arbiter of our immigration laws. Not the state of California, Texas or Washington but ICE and its new boss, Donald Trump.

Hopefully we are now going to strictly manage those who come into our country just like Mexico and every other country in the world does. We're full. You can have your citizens who blatantly broke our laws back.

I love those chances...

9th Circuit Has 80 Percent Reversal Rate At Supreme Court

Dumbfucks-this only started in 1979!

"Hundreds Of Thousands Rally In Iran Against Trump, Chanting ‘Death To America’"

Hey, that's Obama, fools!
The writers at the Huffington Post have to be some of the most worthless and dumbest motherfuckers on the planet. The scumbag Iranians have had these fucking protests every year since 1979 so their 'dummies' and posters would be of Hillary had she won.

So get a clue, HuffPo. Your fucking website and your writers are useless.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

What the fuck for?

U.S. commander tells Congress: More troops needed in Afghanistan

That's bullshit. We don't need our ground troops patrolling that shit hole.

Well, it's not too late here in the U.S.A!


It's too late for Europe but we can, and will, save our country.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

And that motherfucker is still breathing

Wrote a letter to Barack Obama

"Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who said he masterminded the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama published Wednesday that the United States brought the attacks upon itself. "It was not we who started the war against you in 9/11; it was you and your dictators in our land," Mohammed wrote in the letter published on Wednesday by the Miami Herald. The letter is dated Jan. 8, 2015, but was not delivered to the White House until days before Obama left office, according to the report."
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should have never been alive long enough to write that letter. He should have been tried and executed 10 years ago.

We could only hope...

"Warren Stopped..."

Nothing like having to listen to a shrieking muff-diving hag. And if she's who Democrats are planning on putting up in 2020, get ready to be shocked again.

I don't think he will make it a year

“I’ve been in this town for 26 years. I have never seen anything like this,” said Eliot Cohen, a senior State Department official under President George W. Bush and a member of his National Security Council. “I genuinely do not think this is a mentally healthy president.”
Unfortunately, the situation is dire and getting worse. Trump is just way too thin-skinned and I think he's in way over his head. And it could be dangerous.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Navy SEALs shouldn't rely on Muslims

Strike in Yemen missed al Qaeda leader
Chief Petty Officer William "Ryan" Owens

"The so-called "package" for the mission was larger than any counterterrorism strike since the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden: two dozen SEALs, backed up by 30 to 40 other Americans on the ground and in the air. A half-dozen Yemeni soldiers and a dozen commandos from the United Arab Emirates who had developed the intelligence leading to the target..."

If our Special Forces are going to do missions like that we should never include any Muslims. You can't trust any of those motherfuckers.

That al-Qaeda punk, Al-Rimi, was tipped off and we lost Petty Officer Owens because of it. Next time, just send in some cruise missiles or a couple of B2 Bombers. Let their Allah separate their evil asses.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Made The Patriots Great Again!

And to Bill Maher and all of the other Tom Brady haters...well, you know what!

"Historic comeback carries Patriots to Super Bowl victory"

Wow..what a game! I can't ever remember a sporting event, much less the Super Bowl, being politicized like this game was this year. I watched Bill Maher Friday night and I wanted to punch that fucking Jimmy Durante looking nose right off his little jewboy face after about two minutes of him tearing into Robert Kraft, Bill Belechik and of all men, Tom 'Michigan Man' Brady.  So Maher, how does it feel to have your huuuuge nose rubbed in it?

And to all you other weak-kneed, whiny-ass millennials who have all of a sudden become Atlanta Falcon fans and Tom Brady haters, I say, kiss my ass...and you lost again!

Trump's lucky we have our elections in November and not February

"There are a lot of killers. We've got a lot of killers. What, you think our country is so innocent?"

I have a question for all those Teabaggers from back about eight years ago. Is this worse than the imaginary Obama 'apology tour' that really only occurred in your minds and are you going to stand up and show a little consistency?

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Looks like the Dutch are waking up

Geert Wilders  
He's the virulently anti-Muslim politician on course to win the Dutch election...

'At first we dared not think like him or talk like him. Now many of us in Holland do both.'

That's what muslims do for you. The Netherlands now have their own Trump. Their only problem is they like most of Europe have waited too long and that cancer known as Islam has spread too far. That won't happen here. Believe me.