Friday, August 01, 2014

Was that idiot born yesterday?
GOP lawmaker: You will ‘rethink everything’ when full 9/11 report is released

That poor Kentucky, redneck teabbagger needs to get a clue. The redacting of those 28 pages is old news. George W. Bush redacted those 28 pages in the 9/11 Commission's report to protect his Saudi buddies. That news is so 2003. Hell, Bush and Cheney not only had those pages redacted, they flew a bunch of them out of the country right after the attack.

Come on Teabbaggers, being ignorant isn't an excuse. That debate was over 11 years ago. Try to keep up, dumbasses.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Damn, they did spy on her

CIA director John Brennan apologizes for search of Senate computers

The CIA peeked into committee staffers' computers trying to get a read on what they were saying about the CIA's role in terrorist interrogations during the Bush administration. I hope this new revelation doesn't hold up her report. Assholes.
There is absolutely nothing shocking about that poll

"SHOCK POLL: GOP Standing Strong Against Illegal Immgiration More Important Than Benghazi, Repealing Obamacare..."

Drudge labeling that poll 'shocking' tells you all you need to know about wingnuts; they're fucking clueless. Even Republicans - the large majority of which stood by like chickenhawk cheerleaders while 4,500 Americans were needlessly killed in Iraq - know Benghazi is a phony scandal. Most of them have now shut up after realizing how hypocritical they looked with their obsession with four killed.

And Obamacare? Seventy-four percent of those same whiny bastards who have signed up for Obamacare, now love it. But illegal immigration is easy to be against. You don't need to be an America-hating teabagging wingnut to be against it. In fact, most likely the opposite is true.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yeah, so what's your point?

"Ex-IRS Official Criticized GOP As 'Crazies,' 'Assholes' In Emails"

That's not news.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ah...forget it then

BP Profit Rises, but It Warns of Risks in Russia

We can't do something that may hurt BP's profit margin.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Oh...they left that part out
I've seen a few headlines today on the CNN poll that has Romney beating Obama if the election was today. First of all, that's bullshit - Americans aren't that stupid - but secondly, they left out the funniest part of that poll. That ought to grind the haters' asses.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your husband wants to do that?
Michele Bachmann: Gays want to ‘freely prey on little children sexually

Is there a bigger hypocrite on the planet than that Ditz?  No wonder they adopted all those children.  Her and Marcus remind me of another prominent 'conservative', Jerry Sandusky.
He's an admitted criminal
He pleaded guilty in May to a charge that he made improper donations to a Senate candidate in 2012.

What argument? He pled guilty. You would think a hard-core, America-hating teabagger like that ugly little punk would say, 'buck-up - you do the crime you do the time'. Don't drop your soap, Sanjay.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Really, what's different?

Simas Ignores Subpoena Again

Does convicted felon Darrell Issa think the Obama administration has less executive authority than previous administrations? I mean come on assholes, it was only six years ago. Buy a fucking clue.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Karl Rove, President Bush's longtime political guru, refused to obey an order to testify before a House Judiciary Committee ...
And he's supposed to be one of their smart ones...
"[Issa] thinks the White House Office of Political Affairs has inappropriately engaged in political campaign activities..."

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Take my wife, please
A surface-to-surface weapon that struck the coastal town Hadera - 30 miles north of Tel Aviv and 70 miles from the Gaza Strip - is an “M-302 type rocket” similar to a shipment of rockets Israel intercepted at sea in March, the Israeli Defense Forces said Wednesday.
That news report was from Wednesday....not yesterday, but two weeks ago yesterday, July 9.

Two weeks ago the IDF was warning that Hamas has the capability to shoot rockets 70 miles. Ben Gurion Airport is 50 miles from the Gaza Strip.

The FAA didn't overreact. Even the IDF admitted that. Two weeks ago.
Since way before the George W. Bush/Republican economic meltdown

"Jobless Claims in U.S. Drop to Eight-Year Low"

It took Bush and the all Republican Congress a few years to tear apart the excellent U.S economy Bill Clinton left us with and it will take a while to get over it, too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obama did it
Thousands of workers facing losing their jobs and farmers in the state are facing losses of $1.7 billion, according to recent economic study of what may be the state's driest year on record.
California is frying. But who cares, huh wingnuts?
Why wait?
RUMOR: Gregory To Be Axed After Midterms

Get rid of that pansy-ass. To me, if it's Sunday, it's Meet the Press. And it's been a long time since Tim Russert.
Yeah, put me in charge and you'd be an Israeli forever

"Fallen IDF soldier Max Steinberg: A Lion of Zion"

I work with a guy who has lived his entire life in the U.S. and raised his five kids here. Two of them serve in the Israeli army. This is a guy who would never serve his own country - very few American Jews do - and I can tell you unequivocally that if I was ever in charge, there would be a new law that says if you serve in the military of another country, you lose your citizenship here and never be allowed to come here again. Period. You're a traitor.
Heading east and fast!
What say you, Puty?
...Just saying
Cut his head off, strangled her
Michigan Teabagger
His Facebook page indicates a fascination with guns and violence, following such groups AR-15 Gun Owners of America, Oath Keepers, NRA’s American Rifleman, and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and American Militia.

Nearly all of the posts on his timeline were pro-gun and anti-Obama viral images, as well as posts about his occupation as a journeyman lineman.

One of Ted Nugent's Michigan Militia buddies and big fan of Timothy McVeigh and Ramzi Yousef's and Ted Kaczynski's bunkmate, Terry Nichols.   ...We definitely have our share of crazy teabaggin' wingnuts here in Michigan.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sure, we wouldn't want to make Israel look unsafe

FAA Suspends All U.S. Flights to Israel for 24 Hours
Israel Transport Minister Yisrael Katz said keeping flights out of his country was an overreaction. "There is no reason for these companies to stop flights," he said. "They have given a prize to terror."
I just saw that asshole on the nightly news. "That rocket didn't hit inside the airport - it was almost a mile away". Oh, I guess the FAA is overreacting. I mean, name a single incident where an airliner was ever shot down when 'almost a mile away' from a rocket launcher.

Fuck you Israel! Kick all the fucking Hamas ass that you deem necessary but don't you ever fucking ask us to risk the lives of Americans to avoid making you look bad.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

They could be the most anti-Israel administration ever
“When PLO sniper fire is followed by fourteen hours of Israeli bombardment that is stretching the definition of defensive action too far.”
I guess this administration isn't the first to be concerned about Israel's definition of a 'pin-point' operation, huh?
Poor little Canadian-Cuban Boy
Watching Fox News Sunday. Didn't anyone tell Cruz that Obama had put further sanctions on Russia the day before the downing of MH17? That's a little embarrassing that he's that clueless.
"Moment surface-to-air missile was fired at MH17"
It took 12 seconds to reach its target.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sorry your boy is getting his ass kicked, Teabaggers.
What did Ronnie do?
WALLACE: I was covering Ronald Reagan at that time. He was in Santa Barbara at his ranch when that happened, and quite frankly he didn't want to leave. And his advisers realized how terrible this looked, and eventually persuaded him he had to fly back to Washington and had to give this speech to the nation, but it did take him four days.
Uh...Yeah..well, he ain't no fucking Reagan!

Addendum: Here's another one of those Fox News punks who apparently didn't get the memo. Teabaggers, you don't want to use Reagan as your role model on responding to planes being shot down by Russians.  He was pathetic.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Ah...poor little Puty...

Russia slams latest US sanctions over Ukraine as 'bullying'

The Teabaggers' new BFF is being 'bullied' by Barack Obama.   What says you, Teabaggers?   LMFAO!   Look for Sarah Palin and other America-hating teabaggers to demand another Benghazi or IRS investigation really soon because they need to take the heat off their boy Puty.
No shit, dumbass
Merkel says pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine are heavily-armed

Maybe she will now stop her and her country's embarrassing appeasement and get on board with the sanctions.