Monday, February 19, 2018

All right, I'll give them all up!

I'll turn over every gun I own if she would only shut the fuck up!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

If he could only skate like whines...

Talked a lot of shit and placed 10th
That's all right...Pence wasn't impressed anyway.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018


"U.S. top court mulls whether to take up 'Dreamers' dispute"

We will now find out if an executive order by one president can be undone by another executive order from another president. How fucking hard is that? It shouldn't take the Supreme Court to rule on something so obvious.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Take Moscow's power grid down

Special counsel Robert Mueller indicts 13 Russians, alleging 2016 election interference
As good as some of our enemies have gotten with their cyber-warfare you know the United States could be 10 times more effective. It's February, it's cold in Moscow and we should turn their power off for a few days.

I think he needs a psychiatrist

'Jimmy Kimmel fights back tears...' 

Or some testicles.  Man that guy is an obnoxious punk.

"Common Sense" my ass!

You better have 67 votes
The self-dubbed “Common Sense Caucus” of senators late Wednesday circulated legislation that would fulfill Trump’s calls to grant legal status to 1.8 million young immigrants and would appropriate $25 billion for southern border security construction projects over the next decade — not immediately, as Trump wants. The bill also would curb chain family-based immigration programs, but not to the extent Trump is seeking, and would not end a diversity visa lottery program that he wants eliminated.
Give amnesty to several million wetbacks and Trump gets $25 billion for border security over 10 years? Fucking assholes call that, 'common sense'? End chain migration - no fucking parents and grandparents! And, get rid of that stupid ass lottery system. It's all of it or start deporting those DACA punks right after the Supreme Court correctly rules that an executive order can simply be reversed with another executive order. Write it down.

You had better not fold, Trump. Veto that, 'common sense' bullshit!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Save us all

OPRAH: God Hasn't Told Me To Run...

Don't wait up for that call.
And who's her VP going to be, Whoopi?

It could have been prevented

Posted to YouTube 9/24/17

That was posted to YouTube by that punk back in September and was reported to the FBI immediately. The FBI responded the very next day but apparently did nothing after that. They followed up with the guy who reported it just yesterday. Right after the massacre.

A whole lot of heads need to be removed from a whole lot of asses!

Answering the pathetic

All the same people who have dressed up like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man or any of the Ninja Teenage Turtles through out the years. Shut the fuck up already! Your whining is nauseating.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Here illegally? Vacation in Florida!

Illegal Immigrants warned about Florida travel as arrests soar

MIAMI (AP) — More than a dozen advocacy groups issued a warning about traveling in Florida on Wednesday saying illegal immigration arrests there have soared more rapidly in the past year than in any other area of the country.
"Advocacy groups"? What are they advocating? They're criminals who harbor other criminals who sneer at our laws. Good job Florida!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Being a whiny little baby didn't help

Shani Davis finished 19th of 34 competitors in the men's 1,500-meter race with a time of 1:46.74.

Sucks to be him.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

This isn't rent a Gentile, motherfuckers!

Israel Says U.S. Not in Syrian ‘Game’
"Israel is counting on Russian President Vladimir Putin to keep confrontations with Iran and Syria from spiraling into war as the Trump administration mostly watches from the sidelines... 
Oren’s criticism reflects Israel’s view that Washington isn’t doing enough to curb Iran’s military ambitions in southern Syria..."
We give the fucking Israelis $5 billion a year and that's not enough? Protect your own selves motherfuckers!  You bloodsuckers are not our problem.  You work for us.

Geez...I wonder why...

Opening Ceremony Ratings Plunge...

I don't know about you but I couldn't care less about the Winter Olympics. I never have. Figure skating? Really? I'll pass.

And to have it in South Korea is ridiculous. Who's next, Bangladesh?  And the idiots can't figure out why they're all sick.  ...There ain't no place like home.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

That's right, go south scumbags!

Venezuelans rush to the border as Colombia tightens controls
Don't send those worthless motherfuckers this way!

Friday, February 09, 2018

No way, you can't do that

Trump Blocks Release of Memo Rebutting Republican Claims

Come on Captain Obvious. That's fucking ridiculous! Democrats need to just go ahead release it on their own. They don't need numbnut's permission.

Hey the black guy should be leading

The vote was tied. They tossed a coin. He lost. The coin hates black people.

Maybe they're all in medical school...

James Mattis Says 'Dreamers' Serving in the Military Will Not Be Deported

General Mattis to the rescue for 'dreamers' serving in the military. All 850 of them. ...out of the 1.8(?) million? The rest must be future brain surgeons or tech gurus according to the bullshit I read and hear.

They're liars or they have dementia

The Republican Sequestration of 2011

I've heard quite a bit of whining from Republicans in the last few days about the Sequestration passed back in 2011. For those of us who aren't liars or partially brain dead we know it was the Republicans who made it possible.

What is that, hashtag 'We Too'?

Assemblywoman leading #MeToo movement at California Capitol accused of sexual misconduct

"Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, D-Bell Gardens, cornered him at a legislative softball game in 2014, began stroking his back, squeezed his butt and attempted to grab his crotch..."

Yeah what's your point?

Thursday, February 08, 2018

Smartest thing I've heard in a long time

RAND PAUL: Bring home our troops and throw a parade!

Trump can have his parade right after he pulls all of our troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria - because we shouldn't be defending goatfuckers - and Japan and South Korea - because they can afford to pay their own way.

We spend $50 billion a year in Afghanistan alone. What for, so some ugly goatfucking tribal leaders will do what exactly? We should have left that fucking shithole May 2, 2011. Rand Paul is right; get the fuck out!

I guess it didn't matter that much

"Prominent Black Lives Matter activist...shot dead in New Orleans"

It was a 'random act of violence'. I assume that means the thug who killed him didn't know black lives were supposed to matter so he shot him. When's the next protest march? ...Oh that's right, it's winter.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Well the bitch is from California

Nancy Pelosi Says She Won't Support Budget Deal Without Immigration Promise

The Senate finally passes a 2 year budget deal and Nancy Pelosi says she won't support it in the House because of DACA. I guess that's to be expected since all of her house staff back in California are fucking illegal aliens or related to them. But, that's ok, these America-hating assholes will pay the price for supporting wetbacks over the country.

And in case you had any doubts, here's what that nasty bitch also said today;
Pelosi: My Grandson's Birthday Wish Was To Have Brown Skin, Brown Eyes; "Face Of The Future Of Our Country"
Now can you imagine if a white congressman said he wished for light skin and blue eyed people to be the 'future of our country'? Yeah we know what would happen. Fuck that nasty, racist bitch and all who support her!

Mr President, our military does not frog march to the pleasure of its dear leader

Trump wants a military parade
He wants what Kim Jong-un has
Maybe it's the chickenhawk in him. Who knows? I do know one thing because I'm a veteran and not an idiot who watches military parades on TV from North Korea, China or Russia and know that other than a few weeks in 'boot camp' that 99.9% of our military men and women do not march around like fucking robots to please their dear leader. They have more important things to do!

Fuck off Trump! You don't deserve a parade. You are an embarrassment!

Oh yeah so what's for dinner?

South Koreans eat their pets

Well, we've discovered another shithole country. Wouldn't you love to be at the Winter Olympics with those scumbags? Sick, primitive motherfuckers!