Sunday, May 01, 2011

Osama bin Laden is Dead!

Promise kept; 'We will kill bin Laden'

Nine years, seven months and 20 days.

God is great.  Allah Akbar, motherfuckers!

Bring 'em home!  Mission Accomplished, Mr. President.

Addendum:  Do you remember when wingnuts laughed and ridiculed Obama when he said he would pursue bin Laden in Pakistan?   They're not laughing now.

Addendum II:   I listened to Bill Bennett's 'Morning in America' with Byron York sitting in for Bennett this morning and after hearing the whiny callers into that show I just want to say; Geez wingnuts, at least pretend to be happy.  We know you hate America, but at least you can pretend you're happy that we now have a Commander-in-Chief that didn't spend years wasting all of our resources fighting in the wrong country.

Addendum III:  Dearborn, Michigan, Monday morning celebration.   Come on wingnuts, join in the celebration!

Addendum IV:  The Pigboy Whinefest
The Pedophile Pigboy Limbaugh laughingly tried to imply today that it was Obama continuing the 'Bush policy' that finally killed bin Laden.  What a joke.  If Obama would have followed Bush's policy on the 'war on terror' - as well as, McCain's - we'd still be in Iraq and ignoring Afghanistan and Pakistan.  That's what the 'Bush policy' was;  ignorantly invading Iraq who had nothing to do with al-Qaeda and then running, whimpering and cowering to the Pakistanis.   And Limbaugh, Hannity, Rove and Kristol and many, many others are all on the record of opposing the plan that finally did what Bush failed miserably at.

Limbaugh thinks everyone is as dumb as his dittoheads.   Come on Pigboy, you're on record.  If you had any integrity, you'd be embarrassed by your easily proven lies.

Addendum V:  The 'Bush policy' and how that worked out in fighting the real 'war on terror'?  Here's what our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had to say about that;   "We very badly under-resourced Afghanistan for the better part of four or five years."  

That's the policy wingnuts comically think deserves credit.  For teabaggers and dittoheads, maybe - but not for any of us who remember what actually happened.

Addendum VI: 
Their boy, right from the start;