Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yeah well, fuck her and her 'base'

"Hillary Set To Stiff Her Base!"

The Huffington and Washington Post think Hillary will 'stiff her base' if she chooses a white man to be her VP. Well, if Hillary Clinton chooses another jive-ass like Corey Booker or a fucking first generation Spic like Julian Castro for VP, she just might get her ass kicked. The vast majority in this country are tired of picking fucking losers over winners just to make losers feel good.

(The 'Hillary Set To Stiff Her Base!' headline is what Huffington Post put up on their site.  And, I like Tim Kaine and having him as VP makes a Hillary victory more palatable.  We could hope she'd have to resign early in her term after suffering one of her coughing fits...for three or four days.)