Tuesday, July 19, 2016

When your argument is a proven lie

But what about Benghazi?
Bat Shit Crazy
"Committee found no evidence there was either a stand down order or denial of available air support. The committee also found that there was no intelligence failure prior to the attacks." - Mike Rogers - House Intelligence Chair

All right, she lost her son in Benghazi, we get it but you don't get to continually lie about what happened. Every single committee on Benghazi - all led by Republicans - have proven the lie about the order to 'stand down' was just that, a lie. It didn't happen and lying about over and over isn't going to change that fact.

Move on assholes; you are not going to win on Benghazi or Hillary's email server. You had better have more than that or you're going to get your asses handed to you in November.   And get the woman some mental help.

...You also might want to write your own speeches while you're at it.