Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bevis Picks Butthead!
Democrats should be thrilled!
Paul Ryan - little dweeb from Wisconsin - voted for the Bush tax cuts, voted for the historically blundering and $3 trillion Iraq invasion and occupation and voted for the $1.3 trillion Medicare Part D - that is far more costly than 'Obamacare'.

Paul Ryan could be the poster boy for the Republicans who took our budget surpluses and gave us trillion dollar deficits. But the best part, he's the author of their economic plan that actually increases the debt on the backs of the middle class and slashes Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security so that, "those making $1 million or more would enjoy an average tax cut of $265,000, and see their after-tax income increase by 12.5 percent".

It's good for America that Romney picked Ryan as his running mate. That choice should clearly remind the Independent voters of the Republicans who got us here.

*I just watched the introduction. Hey Mittens, maybe Ryan can help you with that corncob you have stuck up your ass! Man, we need to check his chromosomes.

** "I'm from a generation of urban, rural ....I've listended to a lot of people...." - You're from rural Wisconsin, Butthead!

***Geez, I forgot all about Ryan's infatuation with Ayn Rand.  Is he a Catholic or an atheist like his idol?

**** Strong, ringing, and oh so familiar, endorsements are coming in.

***** Well, what do you know, back in 2002 Ryan asked for and got from Bush "a significant break in meeting new federal work rules” for welfare recipients in Wisconsin. You know, those 'waivers' they've been whining about all week? He's just another big-spending, bankrupting Republican hypocrite.