Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oh my God, can you believe Nigeria's GDP is larger than Norway's?

Lagos, Nigeria's Central Park
Tucker Carlson had one of our brilliant African American professors from the University of Maryland on his show last night who pointed out the fact that Nigeria has a larger GDP than Norway and that it is the 'wealthiest country in Africa'. (7 minutes in) - update: had to change link-last guy deleted his - Sad.

Obviously the 'professor' must have his degree in 'African Studies' or some other useless major because he's a fucking idiot who did nothing but confirm Trump's comments about Africa being a bunch of 'shithole' countries.

Nigeria has a $405 billion dollar GDP and poor little Norway's GDP is only $371 billion! Of course what the professor left out of his ignorant thesis is that Nigeria has a population of 186 million to Norway's 5 million. Obviously the dumbass didn't take any math classes! Compare Norway's $70,500 GDP per capita to Nigeria's $2,180 and tell me where you'd rather be. ...We won't even get into the crime data comparisons with those two countries.

And don't forget; Nigeria is Africa's 'wealthiest' country. Trump is right. That entire continent is a shithole. And we don't need any more people from there.