Monday, January 08, 2018

He's an idiot but a very useful idiot

Trump Administration Says That Nearly 200,000 Salvadorans Must Leave

Good fucking riddance! How ridiculous is it that a supposed 'temporary' program has turned into what will end of being 18 years? If we are going to allow these third-world scumbags to come here 'temporarily' we are going to have to either amend or completely rescind the 14th Amendment.  I'm all for rescinding!

Can you fucking imagine how many gang-banging thugs these 'temporary' aliens have spit out over that 18 years?  And guess what, a great deal of them are nothing but a bunch murdering punks.

I don't agree with Trump on half the shit he spews, but I love him on immigration!  Get those crime-ridden scumbags out of my country!

And one last thing about El Salvadorans, Hondurans and any other third-worlders coming from the south; the next time there is a need for 'temporary' help, stay in Mexico.  You blend in better and it's much closer.