Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Yeah well, Let's Make A Deal!

Congress Has Six Months Or No DACA!

Sing Kumbaya
Damn, I never realized all these 'Dreamers' were brain surgeons and astronauts!  If you listen to the news that's what the fuck you'd think after all.

Trump has the cards on this one so I hope he plays his hand the right way. He can trade these fucking 'Dreamers' for border security, dismantling sanctuary cities and implementing the RAISE Act. So that with the RAISE Act, the Dreamers' parents - the original wetback criminals - get deported and they can't bring their aunts, uncles, cousins and Social Security-leeching grandparents into our country.

So Trump, do the right thing. If you can't get those three things, three issues you campaigned hard and won the election on; then veto the fucking Bill and let's see if they can get 67 votes in the Senate and 292 in the House to override it. Any less than that and it only confirms what I thought you were in the first place.