Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Give them their independence whether they want it or not!

Puerto Rico Comes Begging Again!

I saw the 'governor' of Puerto Rico today begging the U.S. to rebuild their island. The guy actually asked for bus drivers! Are you fucking kidding? Cut them and the 'U.S.' Virgin Islands off the U.S. welfare rolls! Give those money-grubbing lazy motherfuckers their full independence whether they want it or not. They live on islands in the middle of the biggest hurricane-alley in the world and we shouldn't have to rebuild their fucking grass huts every time the wind blows! Figure it out. I'm tired of paying for your worthless asses!

“I don’t see myself ever singing the United States national anthem. I really don’t. But Puerto Rico is in really bad shape, and it needs help.”

It's way past time to cut those worthless lowlife leeches loose!