Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Little Donnie Jr. Just Doesn't Get It

Poor Little Donnie Jr. is confused. So is Sean Hannity and just about every single talking head over at Fake Fox News..

Little Donnie Jr. has admitted he thought he was meeting with a "Russian government attorney who had “official documents and information” that would “incriminate” Clinton “and be very useful to your father”, and his reply was hey, “If it’s what you say I love it especially later in the summer.”

Now Little Donnie Jr. and everybody at Fake News are using the excuse that they 'didn't get anything out of the meeting' - 'it was only 20 minutes', so it's not really collusion. Do you fools really think that's how this works? You had to have gotten something from it? Ask John Delorean how that worked out. Or maybe watch one of those Chris Hansen shows. It's all about intent.

But of course, Little Donnie Jr. doesn't have a whole lot to worry about. He doesn't have to now change his security clearance forms again like his poor little brother-in-law, Jared. How is that new job working out for you there buddy? That's a 5-year felony by the way. And Manafort? Forget it. That dude is singing like a fucking canary. He's good.

But I also wanted to share a video I saw on the news today. It's little Donnie Jr. going off on a rant about Robbie Mook having the audacity to claim that there was a possibility that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians and it's about a month after we now know he himself was one of many in that campaign who were indeed colluding with the Russians. I like that video and really shows how well a Trump can lie to your face without much effort. Of course, he's had many years of learning that from his father.