Thursday, April 06, 2017

WTF! Did Trump really call his buddy Puty and give him a heads up?

US strikes Syrian military airfield in first direct assault on Bashar al-Assad's government

Barbara Starr just reported on a briefing she had at the White House and the Trump administration are stating that they called Russia earlier today and gave them a heads up on our Tomahawk missile attack tonight on the Syrian airbase. Really assholes? Like the fucking Russians didn't immediately have the Syrians evacuate the goddamn base!

Well, I guess when your poll numbers are in the 30%'s you have to do something that makes you look like you're doing something!

UPDATE:  I'll be damned, the dumbasses actually gave the Russians a heads up!  What a total waste of 59 Tomahawks!  That's what happens when we have an administration that thinks the Russians are our ally.

The Pentagon informed Russian military officials, through its established deconfliction channel, of the strike before the launching of the missiles, the official said...