Sunday, February 05, 2017

Made The Patriots Great Again!

And to Bill Maher and all of the other Tom Brady haters...well, you know what!

"Historic comeback carries Patriots to Super Bowl victory"

Wow..what a game! I can't ever remember a sporting event, much less the Super Bowl, being politicized like this game was this year. I watched Bill Maher Friday night and I wanted to punch that fucking Jimmy Durante looking nose right off his little jewboy face after about two minutes of him tearing into Robert Kraft, Bill Belechik and of all men, Tom 'Michigan Man' Brady.  So Maher, how does it feel to have your huuuuge nose rubbed in it?

And to all you other weak-kneed, whiny-ass millennials who have all of a sudden become Atlanta Falcon fans and Tom Brady haters, I say, kiss my ass...and you lost again!