Monday, January 30, 2017

You're an embarrassment, Chuckie...but I'd like to send your ass on a road trip

I have a suggestion for a good role for Chuckie Schumer and a few others in Congress;  I say we send Chuckie, Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine and let's not forget about our token muslim, Keith Ellison, over to Somalia to negotiate with Al-Nusra and to Syria to make peace with ISIS.  And they don't need security.

I mean all Chuckie and the Gang have to do is surround themselves with a few towelheads, do some fake crying and act like the entire United States is really upset about keeping the goat fuckers out of our country and then all those jhadis will stop cutting off people's heads and then there will peace throughout the world.   ...Well, maybe.  I thinks it's worth a try.