Friday, December 02, 2016

The great negotiator got his ass kicked

 "In fact, about 400 workers at Carrier will still lose their jobs under the deal, as will 700 employees at a related company in Huntington."

During the campaign Trump threatened Carrier with a 45% tariff on all imports into the U.S that were made in their new Mexican plant.  How did it go from that to giving Carrier $700 (*) $7 million and still allowing 1,100 American jobs be shipped to fucking Mexico?  

Carrier's parent company, United Technologies, does $5.6 billion a year in federal contracts so Trump held all the chips and he fucking caved.  And he's supposed to be a great negotiator...

Don't spit in the motherfucking wind and tell me it's raining, asshole.

(*) I apologize for originally writing '$700 million' instead of $7 million.  That was a rookie, bonehead error.