Thursday, December 22, 2016

Fake news? How about fake victims?

Muslims, Queers and Brothers filing false police reports

Yasmin Seweid lied and filed a false police report,  Taylor Volk a muff-diver from Chicago lied and filed a false police report and then some jiveass motherfucker torched his church and blamed whitey - they did get $200,000 thru a GoFuckMe Page though.   And then some unnamed lying muslim bitch in Louisiana filed a fake report and now you have another unnamed ragheaded muslim slut at the University of Michigan making up bullshit about being assaulted by wild white guys screaming Heil Trump! 

Don't be a sucker. The next time you hear of some poor minority whining about a 'hate crime', at least know that it's very likely bullshit.  You see, you get out what you put in and sometimes it's no longer a crime; it becomes justifiable.