Friday, November 11, 2016

What the fuck happened?

Brexit. Tom Bradley. Call it what you want but what we witnessed were people fucking fed up! Fed up with low-life motherfuckers acting like our borders and our immigration laws can be ignored. Whiny-ass 'Black Lives Matter' motherfuckers who think they're owed something after decades of fucking massive handouts and us tolerating their excessive criminality.

I can't speak for many people...hell, I had Hillary winning in a landslide but I can speak for my own family of five. In 2012, one voted Republican, three of us voted Democrat and one didn't vote. This year, I didn't vote...for the first time in 44 years, and the other four in my family eagerly voted for Trump. They're fed up and for damn good reason!

Like I said, I didn't vote. Neither did 47% of the population, apparently. I can't fucking stand Donald Trump and I wouldn't vote for that Pandering Bitch Hillary - or any Pandering Punk for that matter - if she had ran against Osama bin Laden. Fuck it, I'd sit that out, too.

For me it's come down to 'identity' politics and I no longer identify as a Democrat. When I see the two sides line up, I see whiny-ass blacks, browns and fucking muslims lined up over there and I realize fuck them assholes, I should be over there on that side! In 2008 it was all about Iraq for me. John McCain was going to double-down on that disaster so it was a very easy pick. And 2012, well Mitt Romney. Nuff said. But around 2013-2014 when Obama started pulling out shit like DAPA and DACA and his constant too fucking gentle defense of Islam and then him allowing the scumbag Syrian 'refugees' to come on in, it's, hell no dude, I'm so fucking done with you and your zeal to make this country a second-rate, multi-racial cesspool. Fuck you, I'm out!

Now build that fucking wall and ban some fucking muslims!  ...Yeah, right.