Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daddy's little girl

Hey, I'm not a prude...I smoke dope. But, I also spent time back in the early 2000's criticizing the Bush daughters for their wild ways so when I read whiny punks like those at the Huffington Post pretend as if they didn't too, I'll call your fucking asses out!

Here is a copy of the comment I left over at the Huff Po. 'Evelyn' is the author.
Evelyn, you're either a stone-cold liar, have alzheimers or just too young and too stupid to remember the hell we gave the Bushes about their daughters. Yes, I said 'we'. Grow up. Everything isn't black or white. Malia should have more sense than to twerk and smoke dope out in the open. And the press shouldn't hide her actions. She's an adult. Get over yourself.
I'm not a rightwing nut but I'm not a hypocrite either.