Thursday, July 14, 2016

And when I leave here tonight my bodyguards will take me to my gated and highly guarded crib in the hood

Shut the fuck up and play basketball. Let's see, D Wade is from Chicago. Hey hypocrite, got a place in Cabrini Gardens? Chris Paul plays for the Clippers, does he have a pad in Watts? Carmelo's from Baltimore and I'm sure he has a pad in one those ghettos. And Lebron, the king of hypocrites, he's bringing up his sons on the east side of Cleveland where arming yourself isn't needed, I'm sure.

Don't lecture us on owning protection against those you are so sure are just peace-loving brothers and sisters. You and your 'posse' all know better...and we sure in the hell do too.

And while you're at it; clean up those crime-invested, thug-dwelling neighborhoods you left behind.