Saturday, April 02, 2016

That was a 10 year 'projected surplus' and it was when Bill Clinton left

 "When I left Washington, we had a $5 trillion surplus."

I don't know when Kasich left Congress - he's so fucking irrelevant - but I do know very well the $5 trillion projected surplus he often tries to take credit for. I've written about that here many times. Just before BILL CLINTON left office - "In January 2001, CBO's baseline projections showed a cumulative surplus of $5.6 trillion for the 2002–2011 period" - but guess what the fuck happened? BILL CLINTON left office and George W. Bush and the REPUBLICAN controlled congress took over and in eight short years turned that $5.6 trillion projected SURPLUS into an almost $13 trillion actual DEFICIT!

The Gomer Pyle routine Kasich has been doing is getting old.  And it's a bunch of bullshit.  Just like calling Republicans 'conservative' is.