Sunday, August 05, 2012

Your 'report' is simply a lie

Report: Obama Campaign Sues To Restrict Military Voting

That headline from 'Fox Nation' is a lie but who's surprised by that?   They do have 'Fox' in their title.

The Obama campaign sued Ohio because John Kasich and other Republicans are trying to suppress minority voters and it has nothing to do with military voting other than to insure civilians have the same early voting rules.  Nothing, not one damn thing, changes for military voters in Ohio from the lawsuit.

Gerrymandering Republicans in Ohio changed the law so they could "eliminate early voting the final three days before Election Day - Saturday, Sunday and Monday".   They shamelessly did that because they know that many African-American voters congregate at church that last Sunday before election day and then go vote from there.  That change in the law - for civilians only - is so blatantly racist it's almost laughable.  The haters aren't even trying to hide their war on minority rights anymore.

Nothing changes for military voters in Ohio with that lawsuit.  But Fox and all of the haters wouldn't bother writing the true headline which should read, "Obama sues Ohio to insure Republicans don't cheat American voters again in Ohio like they did in 2004".  The sheep wouldn't like that headline.   They can't handle the truth.

*Interestingly, that lie-based article originated at Breitbart.   I thought that asshole was dead?