Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Mittens the flaming Chickenhawk likes the 'Ass-Kissing Little Chickenshit'
Mitt Romney is your classic sycophant so naturally he would like the most famous of all sycophants, David Petraeus. If you recall, the great Admiral William Fallon, who was Petraeus's commander at the time, called little Gomer a sycophant and an 'ass-kissing chickenshit' who basically would do anything to get ahead.

The ass-kissing little chickenshit sent his men into the disastrous 'surge'; sacrificing an additional 1,500 American lives, even though as he would later admit, he always knew, there was "no military solution in Iraq".

Romney would do something like that too.  Both men  shamelessly used other men to get where they're at now. They'd be a good match.