Sunday, July 29, 2012

They mistakenly used a Patriot
"OOPS: Anti-Obama PAC Features Commander Who Thinks Obama Is ‘Fantastic’ " "If you’re a group of former special ops officers and your goal is to kick President Obama from office on national security grounds, it’s probably not the best idea to promote stories reporting the top American special operations officer calling President Obama a “fantastic” commander-in-chief."

Our extremely efficient al-Qaeda-killing President has been a 'fantastic' commander-in-chief when it comes to avenging 9/11. You certainly cannot say that about the administration that preceded him and that chickenshit chickenhawk punk, Mitt Romney, would be a disaster!

If you want the leaks to stop, get Michele Bachmann and Mike Rogers off the House Intelligence Committee.  Treason and traitors always come from the Right.