Monday, July 30, 2012

My Congressman, a serious national security threat
As I have said before, my congressman, Mike Rogers, is a serious security risk who is very likely the 'leaker' that he has been accusing of being out of the White House.  It could also be Michelle Bachmann or another member of her crazy 'House 5' nuts who all have the same access to the intelligence and who like Rogers, hate Obama far more than they care about our national security and would do anything to defeat him.

There is nothing about the 'leaked' information that was known by the White House staff that wasn't known by the uber-partisan, Republican dominated, House Intelligence Committee. There was some bullshit story about Obama sitting around every Tuesday night picking drone targets but that story has never been confirmed by anyone.  Hell, anyone can make something up and 'leak' it to the press and make it sound as if it came from 'inside'.  And you don't think those hateful, delirious scumbags would do it?

I agree with my congressman.  We do need an investigation, but he, Bachmann and the other Republican haters on his committee should be who is investigated.  We'll find those fucking rats!