Thursday, December 01, 2011

Drug-Addicted, Pedophile Pigboy Does It Again
I took this afternoon off and driving home I switched my radio over to Pigboy and he was whining - as usual - about how the press didn't challenge Barack Obama back in 2008.  Pigboy specifically brought up Jeremiah Wright and how the 'liberal mainstream' media never looked into that situation.  They gave Obama a complete pass on his radical preacher he squealed.

Do you realize how ridiculous of a lie that is?
Media Matters did a Nexis search a couple of months ago on 'Jeremiah Wright' and they did it only on a two-month period (3/08 and 4/08) during the 2008 campaign and only on the columns and articles that mentioned Wright's name at least four times.

Do you know how many articles were written on Jeremiah Wright - smack-dab in the middle of the campaign - over just a two month period and only ones that mentioned his name at least four times?  That would be, 1,075!

CNN: 228 -Fox News: 213 -NPR: 103 -ABC: 61 -MSNBC: 70 -NBC: 36 -CBS: 34 -Chicago Sun Times: 104 -Washington Post: 64 -New York Times: 52 -Boston Globe: 44 -Washington Times: 66